24 Hour Emergency Roof Tarping Services in California

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installing a tarp on the roof of a house

Roof Tarping Benefits

Roof tarping is like putting a band-aid on a roof after it gets damaged. It’s a quick fix that protects your property from further damage while repairs can be made.

Here’s why putting a tarp on a damaged roof is a smart move:

1. Prevents Water Damage and Mold: If a storm damages your roof for example, rain can get inside your property and damage things like furniture, walls, and electronics. Additionally, keep in mind that moisture causes mold. So if your property is water damaged then you should assume that mold is soon to follow. A tarp keeps your property dry and therefore prevents mold from growing.

2. It’s a Quick Fix: A tarp can be installed very fast while roof repairs take time. In fact, we usually tarp most roofs within 4 hours.

3. Insurance Might Require It: If your roof gets damaged, your insurance policy may require you to tarp it within a certain timespan. If you don’t meet the terms of your policy, it’s possible that your insurance company can refuse to cover the tarp and roof repair cost.

4. It’s a Preventative Measure: Many people tarp their roof as a preventative measure when a storm is forecasted. This is particularly a good idea if your roof is already not in optimal condition.

How Much Does Emergency Roof Tarping Cost?

The cost of emergency roof tarp installation services depends on various factors like: how large the damaged area is, how complicated the roof is, how quickly you need the roof tarped, and what the tarp is made of. That being said, in most cases we charge around $1,200 to tarp a roof.

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